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This is my master fiction list for BtVS! It’ll include the stuff from the comics. And it’s mostly, if not all, Spuffy. And I like me my souled Spike! ^___^
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Later I’ll probably add my non BtVS fiction here!
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You know, I go to work everyday, using the same route, everyday. Today I had to be driven because my car broke down. The route we took was different. And you know...I actually drive past the actual set location for Sunnydale High School on my way to work, which I only just noticed thanks to the different route. I live in Torrance CA, I use Arlington to get to Torrance Blvd to get to work. I pass Carson and the corner of Carson and Arlington is basically the cross section for Torrance High School.

I'm thinking of going there and taking photos of myself at the front just to to mess around this weekend, just because it's like a few blocks from where I live, lol.
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My personality results from a weird test place thingy:

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I agree and don't agree with this thing. First off, I like to win and I like be right all the time however I rather get along with others and tend to people please, though I'm a bit rebellious with myself. Weird, spot on but not so spot on. I got layers yo. (Yes, I can be conceited sometimes.)
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I also thought it would be nice to join another community website to share the crap that comes out of my wiredly crazed mind.

So far I plan on doing a fanfic, a couple icons and banners, and one digital painting for Seasonal Spuffy (if they'll allow me to do all that). The plans for these are stirring in my head, so I hope they do. I do plan to use, in part, the theme for this fall for SS.

And so far, Spuffy, Spike and the BtVS fandom is taking over my life...and for some reason I love it.


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