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Just transferring stuff from Seasonal Spuffy:
Title: Love's Rebirth
References: cleanshvr, mjranum_stock, BODYSTOCKS, vishstudio, home images, and promotional Buffy images (Most found on DeviantArt. This is not a manip or anything, the references used were for the anatomy. Pure digital painting!)
Brushes: Galaxies by Sunira


This took me 2 almost 3 weeks to paint. It's my best work I've ever done, I hope you like!
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Full Size: Here

Also, you may use this for any graphics as long as you give me credit. I'll be making a "Making Of..." soon...ish and maybe some wallpaper for it too. :)
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Three sets of Icons and Signatures:

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Feel Free to use, credit me if you can, but please host them yourself! <3
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When I made those icons a few posts back I wanted to do banners, but these didn't turn out like I wanted them. Maybe the first two were OK, but...I suppose you could say these are styled similar or something. Two are Spike centered and two are Spuffy. All from the comics.

I plan on changing my style and do something elegant for Seasonal Spuffy.

Rules: Host them on your own site/image place! Take'em, don't worry about credit, just don't claim you (or anyone else besides me) made them! Enjoy (even though these suck...)

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I'm not happy with these really and secondly, I don't think Imma do a review for the comic, like I planned. I'm just going to go with the icons and banners. Review stuff isn't my thing (I think), I would probably just mention my opinion of it and well, I loved it, so not much to say, except that! XD
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I want to actually do a review of the mini comic, but for now I'm showing my love for the Spike comic through icons! I want to do some banners too, but these took all my time! Argh!

Rules: Host them on your own site/image place! Take 'em, don't worry about credit, just don't claim you (or anyone else besides me) made them! Enjoy!

Icons below the cut!


Banners next once I have time, gotta write and stuff stuff! ^__^


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