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Farewell to Tomorrow, Hello to Yesterday
Setting: AU Season 9ish, angst. Buffy is a bit OOC here, she is more depressed and hung up on what she did in season 8 than she is in season 9.
Prompt: Valediction (from S_B Fag Ends from last month)
Rating: PG-13 (Darkish)

Buffy waited in the moonlit garden of the mansion on Crawford Street. The sun was almost meeting the horizon and she needed to be precise. Years from now this place would be just a pile of rubble at the bottom of a large crater, she knew, but she also knew this is where her heart had been damaged beyond repair; this was the beginning of her betrayal.

Buffy hid in the shadows, watching and waiting. She could see Angel (she wasn’t going to call him Angelus, she knew better now), and Spike in a wheel chair. Her heart wanted to ache for Spike but during this time, he had been evil, and she couldn’t be distracted. She knew Drusilla was there, but the female vampire wasn’t in her line of sight.

Change the past, make things right, after Twilight, her thoughts all centered on forcing her to correct this mistake, so Buffy could pick the right vampire in the future, the one sitting down, pretending to be hurt, just a few yards away from her now. In the future, she had allowed herself to give in to her oldest love and caused the death of thousands of people. And Spike had been the hero who stopped it from being more. No, that wasn’t going to happen, not tomorrow, not ever.

Buffy began to speak softly, reading Willow’s spell carefully,

“Where I go from here, to parts unknown, I will be complete and I will be ready. I will take on the world whole, and be full of knowledge and love. I know myself and I know you, we shall embark on tomorrow’s journey and say farewell to yesterday.” Buffy exhaled and went on,

“Let them speak, those of who do not wish to change this day and come forth those that do. Make the changes that are needed, make the heart grow strong and ready.”

The paper Buffy held burst into flame and she watched her younger self dash into the mansion. Once her younger self stepped through the threshold of the mansion everything froze and Buffy stepped out of the shadow. She walked to her younger self and touched her chest. It glowed and faded as her heart mended and expanded from the spell.

Buffy then did something she wasn’t supposed to do and walked purposely to Spike, sitting and watching the younger Buffy. Buffy wanted to change things for him, make them better, but not let him miss the journey he was supposed to take. Just a suggestion, just a bit of a little push and he can say goodbye to yesterday, hello tomorrow, with her past self, who was standing frozen just a few feet away, ready to save the world yet again. The past began to play out once more when Buffy slipped back into the shadows.

With that Buffy left to go back to the future. To a future now governed by technology, where she had leapt back into time using not magic but machine. She was greeted by her friend Willow, who now had a vacant look in her eyes, something that never left her friends face, and by Spike, who never looked at Buffy with love and adoration anymore.

“Did anything change?” Buffy was hopefully but her voice was even and emotionless.

“Don’t think so, have all the same memories from before.” Spike’s casual negative quickly dashed her hopes.

“Oh! Oh, I don’t think anything changed Buffy. But I think we just made another new reality.” Willow’s voice no longer carried any perkiness from her younger self, and Buffy once again felt the burden of her choices.

Willow passed Buffy a tablet and saw the results of her actions and her eyes widened, “I just did all that?”

“Yeah…” Willow’s voice sounded far off.

Spike came up to Buffy then and put a hand softly on her shoulder, “I told you this was pointless. Look just deal with what happened and things will work out, always have in the past.”

But Buffy couldn’t hear him, because the reality she made, that was…that was…

Buffy didn’t feel Spike wipe the tears from her face, nor the kiss on her forehead, or see the look of love he gave her then quickly covered up.

“You’re future’s right here Buffy, come on, came back to me now.”

But Buffy couldn’t hear Spike; her thoughts could only focus on one thing:

Tomorrow was gone, she only had yesterday. And yesterday was where hell laid out before her. She had no goodbyes to give now, no valedictions for graduating from betrayal. Buffy finally learned, she never learns.

Kiss of Thunder
Setting: Futurefic! Set somewhere in the future where Spike and Buffy work together/are friends/etc. Total silliness?
Prompt: Thunderstorms (S_b Fag Ends missed deadline prompt)
Rating: PG-13 (For Violence and a kiss)

It was dark, to the point where you couldn’t see three feet in front of your face. The mud tugged at their feet. Buffy’s new shoes were completely trashed, Spike’s boots were coated in mud to the point they were now three sizes bigger than they had been. The rain tormented them every time they moved, hitting harder from the sky with each drop. The thunder only added to the raging battle noises that rented the air, which was filled with the scent of humid rain, blood and sweat. Of course demon goo added to the mix was never fun to smell either.

Buffy and Spike collided back to back, the rain continued on and the demons surrounded them. The mud sucked them in while the demons simply floated on top of the wet earth, using their webbed feet.

“Not good.” Spike was looking around for anything to turn the tide of the battle.

“You’re telling me?” Buffy already knew things were bad.

“Go for the legs; chop ‘em off.”

“Already knew that,” Buffy wanted to roll her eyes, “but how do we go for their legs when their stomachs are basically their legs?”

“Uh, didn’t think of that.”

They began to turn in a circle, back to back, watching the demons as they continued to smirk, taunt and growl at them.

“Gut them?” Buffy wondered how to gut them when their stomachs were almost as hard as rocks.

“Sounds good to me, ready?” Spike didn’t care, at least they had a plan.

“Ready! Go!”

Buffy and Spike parted and began the fight once again, Buffy used her long sword to bash the demon's stomachs while Spike tried his fists. They both were flung back but they continued on, charging in, trying again, and bashing in the worst of their fears.

The rain never stopped, the black clouds never thinned, and the thunder never grew silent. The mud began to feel softer, and battle felt hopeless. But Buffy and Spike continued on, fighting, gnawing, pushing and punching, slashing and finally the tide turned.

Lightening struck down one of the demons, which in turn connected with another demon and then another, until every demon that surrounded Buffy and Spike were charred cinders. Spike grabbed Buffy and covered her with his body until he knew for certain that the lightening had stopped.

They waited and waited, and Spike continued to hold Buffy. Buffy’s breath, ragged and strong began to slow but her heart began to race. Spike wasn’t letting her go. She could feel his body above hers. His duster was almost wrapping around them both. He was breathing now too, but not from exhaustion.

Slowly Buffy turned to face him and their faces almost touched. The rain had not stopped, the thunder had begun to roar once more, and the lightening began to light up the sky. Buffy could see Spike’s face, the love and the desire, the awe and the fear. When they both stood, Spike kept his arms wrapped around Buffy.

Buffy reached up and put her arms around his neck. Their noses were touching and their eyes were locked, and lightening hit the ground once again, but they didn’t pay it any attention.

Instead, Buffy kissed Spike and the kisses never stopped.

Stop Emotion
Setting: Beginning of Season 9, Chosen (season 7)
Prompt: Special Gift and Twenty-Four
Rating: R (Sex mentions)

Spike hated this, because somehow he had to relive his last day in Sunnydale over and over again. He had just reset his last day and now he had another twenty-four hours to go again before he burned, again, to save the world.

Before this everything was fine, he was helping Buffy with the weird murders that were happening in San Francisco, he had enjoyed the party she had invited him to and was basically just amazed once again where his life has taken him. Now everything was shot to hell.

He played it out the same the first time, thinking about all the odd déjà-vu’s he had to experience. The second time he did a few things different, the third he did things a bit more different, and after the fifth time he did anything he wanted. He told off Xander, he flirted with every potential, and played pranks on Rupert. He annoyed Buffy more than usual one time, another time he decided to be open about his still lingering feelings and another he told her told her off for kissing Angel. Another time he went completely off his bird and in the middle of the day grabbed Buffy and danced the waltz in front of everyone.

After the tenth time Spike told Buffy and Willow what was going on. While they worked on what could be making him relive the same day over and over again, Spike tried talking to Dawn, but she was still cold and distant. He knew he had ruined everything and he knew he could never be forgiven but at least Spike tried. And it continued on, nothing really changed and he relived his last day in Sunnydale for twenty-three days.

And now, another twenty-four hours to go, but this time he decided to play it out like the first time, except for one difference. When Buffy decided to spend the night with him, he took a chance and kissed her. Spike never wanted to make the first move again; he wanted to let her come to him if she ever wanted anything from him. But since this time would probably be erased, it didn’t matter what he did. So he kissed her, and Buffy kissed him back.

And Spike spent the night being entangled in Buffy, being with her in a way he was never with her before.

And when Spike woke up, he was in a large bed, with a beating heart, Buffy curled up beside him and right stuck in between him and Buffy was a little girl about 3 years old.

After that he didn’t care that he spent a torturous 24 days reliving the same 24 hours over and over again, burning up in the Hellmouth 24 times. With the special gifts he was given, for choosing to save the world 24 times, it didn’t matter what he had to go through to be right here, with his new family and hopefully with a new hope filled future.

Yeah, these were weird...

Date: 2011-07-16 04:37 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] treadingthedark.livejournal.com
Nice. I especially loved the last one. Great idea!

Date: 2011-07-17 08:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] tennyo-elf.livejournal.com
Thanks, I had no idea where I was going with most of these though so I'm glad something came out of it OK! :)


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