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Title: Originally Normal
Beta: Science, Puddin, and TJBW (lots of credit goes to these three, they did a wonderful job editing this story)
Rating: FRT
Genre: Season 7 AU
Summary: It's been a year since season 6 and things are going OK for Buffy. That is until things start going wrong and someone finally comes back into her life.

A girl about fifteen years old with light brown hair and blue eyes impatiently watched the news. Sunnydale News was doing its normal broadcast, forecasting the weather and the current demon population by demon type. The girl rolled her eyes as the reporter began his warnings on what to stay away from.

“As the water demon population has been on the rise we urge people to stay away from the rivers and lakes-“

The girl shut the TV off with a simple click on the remote and twirled around, her high strung attitude leaving a clear trail behind her. She went to the staircase and impatiently tapped her foot. When no movement was seen from the top of the staircase, the girl yelled.

“Dad! Hurry up, I’m going to be late for school! Get Will out of bed already!”

Spike appeared at the top of the steps securely carrying a little girl, who was happily sucking away at a lollipop.

“I told you to keep it down. The whole bleedin’ neighborhood can hear you.”

“You’re not supposed to cuss in front of us, Dad.”

“Not hurting my delicate, oh so special children, am I? You’ll get over it.”

“Ober it!” The little girl mimicked her father.

Spike looked at the little girl in his arms and smiled.”That’s my girl!”

The older girl just rolled her eyes again and stomped to the kitchen. Spike followed as he continued to hold his youngest with pride.

In the bright kitchen, Buffy was reading the paper as she ate breakfast. There were placemats set out for four others, and the older girl quickly sat at one to devour her meal.

“Slow down or you’ll choke, Jo Ann.” Buffy’s stern voice allowed for no argument.

Jo Ann obeyed reluctantly and began to eat normally, though she wore a sour expression.

“Morning, Sweetheart.”

“Morning, Spike. Do you have class today?” Buffy folded her paper before her to address her husband.

“Yeah, got a lecture on poetry. Don’t worry. I won’t mess up your little Town Union speech. I’ll pick the brats up from school.”

“Don’t call them brats.”

“That’s what they are though. Albeit my cute and wonderful little brats, but brats nonetheless.”

Again Jo Ann rolled her eyes and continued her meal.

“William up?”

“No, mini me refuses to wake. Plan on dumping him into a bath if he doesn’t soon.”

“Dada! Here!” The little girl offered her half eaten lollipop to Spike.

Spike didn’t hesitate to put the lollipop in his mouth with a grin.

“Eww, Spike.” Buffy closed her eyes and shook her head.

Spike looked at Buffy. He was clearly upset at her disgusted disapproval of him being a doting dad. “What? She’s our flesh and blood! Sharing the same spit s’ not going to hurt.”


The light was bright and hot. Something was in his arm. An IV? His other hand was being squeezed tenderly by someone. He was rocking back and forth, and his ears were filled with the noise of sirens. His chest felt so heavy, breathing was hard. He could hardly keep his eyes open.

The cave had been cold after his heart began to beat for the first time in over a hundred years. He felt chills run up and down his body. Stumbling out of the cave and into the village was just an afterthought. The memories of the people he killed, the people he hurt, were the only thing he could think of. Buffy and Sunnydale were just ghosts, mirages of another life.

Spike wasn’t sure how long he was in that African Hospital. He dimly remembered being taken on a plane to London. He clearly remembered the psych ward. The restraints that held him down almost cut the circulation of his new found human blood. He almost went even crazier there. But he thought of Buffy and knew he had to return to her.

The homeless shelter in Sunnydale, the kind man who ran the place, who had helped him with papers and a job, all of it, were just flashes in time.


Spike woke feeling groggy and stiff. He was being held down by too tightly tucked in blankets and a firm grip on one of his hands. He glanced to his side and saw Buffy standing beside his hospital bed. Clearly she had been crying, her frown and red face told him as much. He hoped to God that he didn’t make her cry like that.


“You’re an idiot.”

“Yeah, we knew that though didn’t we?”

“How could you do that? How could you almost leave me like that? Would you rather die than be with me?”

Spike furrowed his brows, confusion had set in. What was she saying? “Buffy…”

“No, it’s okay. You’re okay. Just don’t do that again, or I will kill you myself.”

“Right. Don’t fancy doing that again either.”

Buffy gripped his hand tighter, and Spike looked at it. Both her hands were covering his. Her fingers were caressing his skin. His heart skipped a beat, and he hated that he was hooked into monitors that betrayed him. He caught Buffy’s smile, just barely, and knew his embarrassment was worth it.

Spike didn’t want the peaceful silence to turn awkward. “So…what do we do now, love?”

“I don’t know. I just know I’m here with you, and I know we’ll take it one step at a time, whatever that is.”



Spike let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding and relaxed. They could be normal together, a happy normal human couple. Maybe one day they would marry or even have kids. And fat grandchildren. That thought almost caused him to laugh. Maybe happily ever afters do happen, even for him.

Spike closed his eyes, letting all his old worries and concerns flow out of him as new, happier thoughts filled him. Buffy’s tight hold was warm and very comforting, something that could put him to sleep easily. He felt warm, completely, his whole body and essence. He felt happy, and he felt loved. It felt like heaven.

The End

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